Tuesday, December 6, 2011



YO-SISTEMA: basado en el megacariocito, una célula en la médula ósea. un sistema geometrizado para crear un patron, lo cual utilizé para formar un objeto que apoya y sostiene.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


here are some photos from our first presentation, wrapping up our first five weeks of work. the model had to be based on movement, an extension of the human body. the guidelines were given with lots of wiggle room, so what we came up with was quite original according to the inspiration of the student. mine was based on a series of photographs we took of ourselves doing a simple motion; in my case, it was a pilates move that involves circle-like movement of the arms and hands. this led me to create an aesthetic design that had circular, continual movement to it. the colors were based on the idea of color interpreting movement, with warmer colors (red, orange, yellow) representing faster, rushed movement, and the cooler colors (purple, blue) representing slow, more deliberate movement. the concept behind the project was 'energía transitiva' or 'transitive energy', the idea that we each have the ability to relay and share our unique characteristics and abilities with those around us, that this 'energy' is existent in everyone, but needs to be expressed externally, creating a cycle of energy. if you will notice, the geometrics of the model were also based on a more literal example of transitive energy, the windmill.